2nd Part of EXO Rumor


Like the first part of EXO rumor, believe it at your own risk. Rumors have 50% to be true, 50% to be false. It could be that all of these rumors are ALL FALSE. Or it could be true.

Kai is rumored that his family background is not bad, and that his family taught him well when it comes to manner wise.

As for the debut, they will debut around the beginning of Feb. Luhan, Kai, Chen, and Tao are the members of EXO-M. Sehun will be in EXO-K. The guy who dressed in white coat in teaser 8 is going to be the leader of EXO-M. He is 23, and his surname is Lin. The only Korean guy in EXO-M is Kai. EXO-M is going to have 7 members, while EXO-K is going to have 5 members. EXO will promote the song for Feb, then EXO-M will leave for China around March to promote, leaving EXO-K to continue the promotion at Korea. EXO-M will go back and forth between China and Korea.

Also Yixing is going to be in EXO-K. And this is all I’ve heard so far.

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