Heard a Rumor About EXO


Take the following rumor with tinge of salt. Apparently some guy/girl claims to be a friend of Tao from EXO and says many interesting stuff about him at Chinese forum.

For example, Tao liked a girl who was younger than him by 4 years and also told his “friend” that let’s stalk her to her house together.

That Tao did not train martial arts for 11 years, and that information was lie because he clashed with his martial art teacher, leading him quitting martial arts to become a star. Why? He wanted to show his teacher that he can be a star. The only thing he is best at is playing with his sword and spear. He is mainly trained for that.

He also eight timing several girls. That’s right, eight timing. He had 8 girlfriends at the same time. Tao is very rebellious, and he loves to pick up chicks and loves to fight. He loves to joke too. The part about him going to Hong Kong University is a lie because his family ain’t rich and he didn’t even attend high school much.

The rest of information is unnecessary. Anyway, the information above could be false, so don’t believe anything.

i really don’t care if its true or not but this is some funny shit xD

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    funny. let’s hope that it’s not true. puahahahaha
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    must say..fantastic baby=))))))))) cool story of u babe=))))) im impressed
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    What a fascinating story
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    too, but these rumors made me like him even more lol
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    laughing that’s sexy. i love rebellious guy
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    ELLE. OH. ELLE. 'nuff said.
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    can that face do no wrong xD
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    Omfg lol what is this. Sob I know its probably not true but I could be wrong, why do I find it sexy. Bias is bias ; _ ;